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Conner Ostrowski was literally born into production. He spent the bulk of his childhood being shuffled between theaters at the community and professional level where he developed a fascination with the technical side of theater and music production. At 16, Conner began working as a lighting tech and stagehand for various professional theaters throughout Maryland while working as a stagehand for local concert production companies.

Conner moved to Asheville, North Carolina, and found a career as the Lighting Director at The Orange Peel. Shortly thereafter, in 2015 Conner made the move to Nashville and joined the Pulse Lighting team to work under Designers Paul and Preston Hoffman, and Mikey Cummings. Originally touring for them as Lighting Director for The Travelin’ McCourys and the Steep Canyon Rangers.

Conner is currently Lighting Designer/Director for the Drive-By Truckers, and works on momentous occasions with Moon Taxi as a Lighting and Special Effects Technician.


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Deep Tropics Festival 2019 : Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park: Nashville, TN : Collaborative Design with Henry Beach and Max Lenox. (Production Provided by 44 Designs)

Drive-By Truckers Tour : January 2018-Present (Production Provided by Pulse Lighting)

Tennessee Soybean Festival : August 2018 (Production Provided by Allstar Audio)

Wilson County Fair : Lebanon, TN : August 2018 (Production Provided by Allstar Audio)

Sikeston Jaycee Bootheel Rodeo : Sikeston, MO : August 2017 & 2018 (Production Provided by Allstar Audio)

Mountain Song Festival : Brevard, NC : September 2016 (Production Provided by Pulse Lighting)


Deep Tropics Festival 2019 : Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park: Nashville, TN : Lighting Designer/Director/Operator (Collaborative Design, Direction, and Operation with Henry Beach and Max Lenox)

The Used : Lighting & Video Director/Programmer/Operator : June 2019-August 2019 (Rockstar Disrupt Festival Tour) (Designed by Jeff Lavallee and Henry Beach of 44 Production Designs)

Khalid (Coachella 2019) : Lighting Technician/Asst. Programmer

Drive-By Truckers : Lighting Director/Programmer/Operator : September 2016-Present

Moon Taxi : Lighting, Video & Special Effects Technician : August 2017-Present

The Travelin' McCourys : Lighting Director/Operator/Programmer : November 2015-Present (Under Designer Mikey Cummings - Pulse Lighting)

Steep Canyon Rangers : Lighting Director/Operator/Programmer : March 2015-March 2016

Hoodstock 2018 (David Hood’s 75th Birthday Celebration) : Shoals Community Theater : Florence, AL : Lighting Director/Programmer/Operator

Jerry Douglas and the Earls of Leicester : Live at the Country Music Hall of Fame : Lighting Operator/Programmer : February 24th & 25th 2018 (Designed by Mikey Cummings - Pulse Lighting)

DelFest : Cumberland, MD : Lighting Technician/Operator : May 2018 (Designer Mikey Cummings - Pulse Lighting)

Trondossa Music and Arts Festival (Widespread Panic) : Charleston, SC : Lighting Technician/Festival Operator : May 2018 (Designer/Director Paul Hoffman - Pulse Lighting)

Future Thieves : Self Titled Album Release Show & Live DVD Shoot @ Exit/IN Nashville : Lighting Programmer and Co-Designer (Co-Designed with Matt Eldridge)

drive-by truckers

PHOTO CREDIT: Danny Clinch L to R: Matt Patton, Brad Morgan, Patterson Hood, Mike Cooley, Jay Gonzalez

PHOTO CREDIT: Danny Clinch
L to R: Matt Patton, Brad Morgan, Patterson Hood, Mike Cooley, Jay Gonzalez

Drive-By Truckers have always been outspoken, telling a distinctly American story via craft, character, and concept, all backed by sonic ambition and social conscience. Founded in 1996 by singer/songwriter/guitarists Mike Cooley and Patterson Hood, the band have long held a progressive fire in their belly but with AMERICAN BAND, they have made the most explicitly political album in their extraordinary canon. A powerful and legitimately provocative work, hard edged and finely honed, the album is the sound of a truly American Band – a Southern American band – speaking on matters that matter. DBT made the choice to direct the Way We Live Now head on, employing realism rather than subtext or symbolism to purge its makers’ own anger, discontent, and frustration with societal disintegration and the urban/rural divide that has partitioned the country for close to a half-century. Master songwriters both, Hood and Cooley wisely avoid overt polemics to explore such pressing issues as race, income inequality, the NRA, deregulation, police brutality, Islamophobia, and the plague of suicides and opioid abuse. As a result, songs like "What It Means" and the tub-thumping "Kinky Hypocrites" are intensely human music from a rock ‘n’ roll band yearning for community and collective action. Fueled by a just spirit of moral indignation and righteous rage, AMERICAN BAND is protest music fit for the stadiums, designed to raise issues and ire as the nation careens towards its most momentous election in a generation.

“I don’t want there to be any doubt as to which side of this discussion we fall on,” Hood says. “I don’t want there to be any misunderstanding of where we stand. If you don’t like it, you can leave. It’s okay. We’re not trying to be everybody’s favorite band, we’re going to be who we are and do what we do and anyone who’s with us, we’d love to have them join in.”

Photos by Keith Brake, Andy Tennille, Lindsay Cook, Jeffery Neubauer (LogJam Presents), Chris Sikich and Joe del Tufo

Wheels of Soul : Lighting Design by Brian Pirrone : Lighting Provided by BML Blackbird

Live work

future thieves

9.10.18 / Live at Exit/IN Nashville / Filmography by Preston Leatherman

Lighting Designer: Matt Eldridge

Lighting Programmer & Co-Designer: Conner Ostrowski

Lighting Operator: Luc Breuer

Lighting Provider: 4 Wall Entertainment

jerry douglas & earls of leicester

2.24&25.2018 / CMA Theatre at the Country Music Hall of Fame / Filmography by Joshua Britt & Neilson Hubbard

Lighting Programmer & Operator: Conner Ostrowski

Lighting Designer: Mikey Cummings

Lighting Provider: Pulse Lighting

moon taxi

Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival 2018

Lighting Designer: Mikey Cummings

Lighting Operator: Matt Eldridge

Lighting Programmer/Special Effects: Max Lenox

Video Operator: Ryne Wilson

Lighting & Special Effects Technicians: Conner Ostrowski, Roger Gant, Andy Gunn

Lighting Provider: Pulse Lighting


SONOR Presents: Sessions From The West Barn


Lighting Programmer & Operator: Conner Ostrowski

Lighting Designers: Roger Gant & Conner Ostrowski

Lighting Provider: Pulse Lighting